Message Analysis

Text Message Analysis

This started off as a desire to view history of my conversations with a friend, without having to scroll up endlessly. Since iPhones do not allow apps to access messages, no app currently exists to do that. I decided to create a web interface that allows anyone to securely upload a backup file of their messages, and view history and analysis of conversations with anyone.

Current progress on this project can be viewed here.

Apache Spark

Data Mining Research

I'm currently working with one of my professors on a big data project, creating a web interface to connect with an Apache Spark cluster. The research is primarily image and video recognition. The goal is to be able to upload a picture, and receive a real time analysis of the objects that are in the image.

Compass Arrow

Smart Compass App

An android app I created that guides a user to a selected destination. It would be useful when walking somewhere where an address on a map is not specific enough. The user clicks anywhere nearby on a map, and a directional arrow points them in the direction of their destination, much like a compass points north.

It can be viewed on my Github. I'm currently working to animate the arrow in 3D to visualize device rotation in all dimensions.

3D Design

I'm constantly amazed by the possibilties of 3D modeling to create entirely new objects, or simulate realistic environments. I recently discovered Blender and have been learning about 3D design. Here are a few of the models I have created so far.

SBB Logo

Financial Projection

As a Software Engineering Intern at SBB Research Group (Summer 2016), I worked on various aspects of the internal company website. My most notable project involved full stack work on a web application that analyzed past stock market data, and projected how the company's investments would perform in the future. I designed a front-end interface to view the data and interact with graphs, and improved back-end logic and database access.

Kinetic HDD

Kinetic White Paper

I worked as an Engineering Intern at MBX Systems (Summer 2015), researching a new data center technology developed by Seagate known as the Kinetic Open Storage Platform. I presented my findings to the engineering team and executives of the company, considering factors such as cost and performance compared to current data center storage methods.

The white paper that I wrote can be viewed here.


Various Projects

Some smaller projects that I have done include:

More available on Github.


Who I am

I'm a senior studying Software Engineering at the University of Miami, FL, graduating in May 2017. I'm looking to find a full time software engineering position at a company where I can contribute and improve upon my development skills.

Full Stack Web Development

PHP, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JS (jQuery)

Database Design and Management


3D Modeling and Programming

Blender, WebGL

Mobile Application Development

Java (Android), OpenGL ES

Algorithms and Dynamic Programming

C++, Java

Machine Learning



What I do

Throughout my study of computer engineering, I have been amazed by everything from low level hardware to high level programming languages. While using an application or website, I try to notice what distinguishes software that works from software that is an enjoyable experience to use. I hope to have a part in developing software that will amaze others as much as I am amazed by software every day.

If you like what you see, feel free to contact me at! Here's my resume again if you missed it.