Text Message Analysis

The Idea

My goal for this project is to allow anyone to be able to upload a backup file containing their text messages, and view analysis and history of their conversations. I have a vision of the kind of analysis I want to include, such as the most used words or emojis and using machine learning to predict what a possible future message might look like.

Since iPhones apps do not have permission to access text messages, no app exists that can do this. I've never seen another website doing some analysis like this, so I am interested in doing it right. In order to create a product that will gain the trust of users who would be uploading all of their personal messages, I need to make sure that it is secure and reliable. For that reason, I have a lot of work left to do before it's worthy of going live.

Current Progress

Currently, I can view message history on any date using a datepicker like below (but this won't do anything for you yet). I can also determine the most common words in a conversation, and show a day to day trend graph of the number of messages sent.

The next step is going to be creating a user management system so that people can upload their file, and come back later and have it stored. I'm working with the Python web framework Django to manage this authentication. It will also come in handy when I want to use Python's machine learning libraries to generate a possible message based on a conversation.

This project is my favorite out of all the projects I've worked on. It's not for a class or work or research. It is just because I have a genuine interest in this kind of analysis, and being able to implement it and make it happen is truly exciting.

Message History

Select a date to view messages.

Still in development